FAVA Gala 2016


It was a good night for Undertow, Lindsay and myself. Undertow “walked” away with 3 awards. Outstanding Short Narrative Film, Outstanding Editing, and Outstanding Cinematography.

Congratulations to Lindsay McIntyre, Patrick Lundeen, Heather Noel, Katrina Beatty, Ryan Dunnigan, Mark Kandborg, Cameron Watson, Tate Young, Brett Manyluk, Larry “the genius” Kelly, Christina Ienna, Dylan Pearce, Desmond Parenteau, Kyle Pretzlaf and Edith McIntyre.

Also congratulations to the other award winners, Blake McWilliam & Dylan Rhys Howard, to Coty Savard, to Dylan Pearce, Andrew Scholotuik, Darren Arsenault & Josh Miller, to Kyle Armstrong & Mark Templeton, to Gary James Joyce, to Johnny Deep, and Parker Thiessen for their inspiring work.

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